What have I learned so far about rhetorical context?

What I learned is that people throughout their day read and interpret symbols, signs, words, numbers, etc. In advertisements the writer creates a text that persuades the reader to buy their product. The advertisement can be to persuade, to in a way bamboozle the buyer. A rhetorical context has purpose, audience, stance, genre, media/design/form.



This advertisement shows what happens to a person that texts and drives. It shows that the person should not text and drive because they have to watch the road. A person could get into an accident like the images of the car and truck smashing into each other.



The purpose of this advertisement is to sell. The audience is any person and any age. The genre is showing the extra mints as ice cold and fresh. The media is it was in a magazine, and design is showing icicles on the mints which shows they are cold and fresh, also the form is a paper advertisement. My stance is the extra mints help freshen your mouth and clean a persons bad breath.



This advertisement shows the need to stop a persons cough. Halls is a good company that shows its a good product and character. The pathos is the frog in your throat of a person coughing. The image gets the audience to laugh which pulls on their emotions to want Halls. The logos shows the logic that Halls is a good medicinal product to get rid of a person’s cough or frog in your throat.


The explicit is the scene depicts some black people having fun with a fire hydrant spraying water. A white person drives by and doesn’t want his antique car to get wet. The black guys say they won’t let the hydrant spray his car. Then the hydrant sprays the guy’s car hard and he gets soaking wet. The cops come by and the white guy asks for the black guys that sprayed him to get arrested. The black guys are gone and the cops turn off the hydrant. The white guy has to leave and is angry. The implicit shows that the black guys shouldn’t have sprayed the white guys car. It shows the tension between two races the black guys and the white guy in the car. It got the cops into the problem and the black guys ran away. It shows the white guy wanting the black guys that sprayed him to be arrested. The extended shows how the white race is more important than the black people. The police questioned a black guy and the white guy wanted the two that sprayed him to be arrested.


The symbol is a use of laundry symbols. When you do your laundry the circle means to dry clean and the three dots in the circle mean to heat it at high. The line on the bottom is to lay the cloths flat let them dry.


Darius Depowski English 101 Inquiry paper

This papers purpose was to show the info of why violent video games are bad for children.The audience was the professor. My stance or point of view is that it depends on how the children react to the game. The genre is research. The media/design/form is a Microsoft word inquiry paper.

The logos is that some of my sources show the negatives of violent video games on children playing them. The pathos shows the parents emotion to their children playing video games. The ethos is that the violent video game character is more negative than positives for children playing them.

The explicit is that I summarize info of how violent video games affect children. The implicit is that  violent video games make the children anti-social and aggressive. The extended is that in my opinion children can be competitive playing violent video games, but after the game be the same old self.